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Bookassist® is The Direct Booking Expert™. The company develops and manages award-winning digital strategies for hotels to help them build brand online, drive direct bookings, enhance ancillary revenue and improve their profitability while reducing dependence on third parties. With over 100 staff at offices in Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Munich and Prague, the company is a three-times winner of the World’s Leading Booking Engine Technology award.


MyForecast by Sicaniasc

MyForecast is a Revenue Management System for Hotel devoted to a detailed analysis of bookings, and it allows you to implement sales forecasting through the analysis of PickUp, Wash, Revenue and Room Night data by comparing the price indices of the current year with historical data and YearToDate.

The software allows a comprehensive data analysis – both at the hotel level and at room level – for each of the rooms in the hotel. All information is always segmented for booking sources. These activities take place through the integration between “input” from the PMS and "output" from the Channel Manager.

The tool is enhanced by: statistics, graphs, dashboards and customizable alerts, competitive pricing analysis, Brand Reputation Index, event calendar, and many other customizable elements.

MyForecast is a constantly evolving tool for analysis and to support the decision-making process.

MyForecast® is a trademark of SICANIASC hospitality.

www.myforecast.it | info@myforecast.it


GP Dati Hotel Service Spa – Gruppo Zucchetti


Established in 1981, GP Dati is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing hospitality management software for companies in the hotel industry.

For over 30 years we invest our experience and research in development of integrated solutions that respond to the evolving needs of different types of facilities, from small hotels to the hotel chains, aimed to simplify the activities in different areas and sectors: Front office, Marketing, Revenue, Sales, Food & Beverage, Purchasing and Administration.

This approach has enabled us to gain a leadership position in the Italian market, both for the number of installations and for the completeness and security of our solutions.

In 2017 GP Dati become part of the Zucchetti Group: the biggest Italian Information Technology Group in Europe, with a turnover of 410 million Euros, more than 3,350 employees, operating in over 50 countries worldwide. 

The wide range and quality of the Zucchetti group allow us to guarantee greater capacity for innovation and to expand our range of solutions.

Thanks to the Zucchetti ecosystem , we are able to respond to the most complex and diverse IT needs of our customers: accounting, ERP, payroll, human resources, CRM, SPA & Wellness, access control, logistics, and many more. 


Wi-Fi Hotel

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced and widespread Wi-Fi management and marketing automation platform for the hospitality industry.

With 10 millions yearly users and over 2000 installed systems in Italy and abroad in independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts and campgrounds, Wi-Fi Hotel represents the state of the art in the field of digital services for the hospitality sector.

Wi-Fi Hotel allows any type of accommodation facility to provide guests with the best Internet access service they can expect, featuring ease of access, convenience of use with any device and maximum performance.

Alongside, the platform can transform any existing public access Wi-Fi network in a powerful communication, interaction and marketing tool, enabling innovative features for promoting the business and its services, maximize customer loyalty and increase the web reputation.

Wi-Fi Hotel is developed by Nexis srl. The platform can be enabled over existing Wi-Fi networks or integrated into customized turnkey projects.


Vivere di Turismo

VIVERE DI TURISMO – is a training enterprise which purpose is to help non-hotel accommodation businessmen and landlords to obtain better performances in their activities. It has created a specific training communication in order for them to have results thanks to unique techniques and knowledge. Vivere di Turismo decreases the gap between the reality of the persons and the traditional touristic training.

HISTORICAL CONTEXT- Since 1990s, the non-hotel accommodation area is developing itself. It is composed of bed and breakfast, agro-tourism, hostels, touristic apartments, guests house, and historical villas. First, there were considered as low-cost lodgements. People who were managing these structures wanted to obtain a secondary income.

Now, another situation is being created: the non-hotel accommodation area is composed of more structured activities that are often superior to hotels by quality and price. There is a major sensibility for the territory consumption and the increase of the touristic mass in the last few years has allowed travellers to discover in a new way antique houses and historical cities. The increase of the Internet use helps to have a better knowledge of the territory; it also helps to create a travel personalisation thanks to the app and websites of the online agencies as airbnb for example. These factors contribute to the continuous increase of the non-hotel accommodation area. Our purpose is to help its increase and to offer quality non-hotel accommodation stays in order for Europe to consolidate its first place as world touristic destination.

OUR OFFER- In this context, we study and analyse the training need of businessmen and landlords, aware that the development of the structures is linked to the development itself of the managers. We offer theoretical and practical knowledge, studying the needs of every person. We also research the best software and app realised for our area on the national and international market. The best Italian trainers, all successful businessmen, have joined the project. Our services are provided by a blog, online training videos, guides and eBooks, paper publications, training courses, online coaching and consultancies. Our clients obtain quick and demonstrable results.



Communication or meta-communication through cosmetics certified, for an improved brand reputation.

Alfera Core Business’s is a BIO & GO GREEN Made in Italy COURTESY LINE, without parabens and without paraffin.Products are dermatologically tested on human beings and not on animals, for a world more and more ecofriendly.


Destination Florence

Destination Florence is the new official marketing and promotional project of the city of Florence developed in partnership with the Municipality of Florence. Destination Florence will allow to track tourism flow, to expand, deepen and diversify the experiential offerings and to improve the marketing and promotional strategies for Florence. The main goals are to encourage incoming tourists with a high spending profile, to extend the average length of stay, to expand and diversify tourist offerings, to track attendances and tourism behavior and, overall, to improve the image of Florence worldwide.

The Destination Florence project also includes an important and strategic instrument for the promotion and sale of the city of Florence: the portal www.destinationflorence.com, which will be the digital hub of Florence’s tourism. This unique website will be focused on the easy obtainment of information for all those who stay in the city. The online platform will allow the cross selling of all the services of Florence, ranging from tickets for museums, theatres, sporting events, taxis, and city tours.

Destination Florence is developed by Firenze Convention and Visitors Bureau, the official partner of the Municipality of Florence operating since 1995 as destination promoter of the city with the aim to increase quantity, quality and scientific importance of events, conferences and international weddings to be held in the city. Firenze Convention and Visitors Bureau is supported by more than 250 Partners including highly specialized and qualified local touristic and congresses operators such as the Congress centre Firenze Fiera, many hotels, Professional Congress Organizers (PCO), Destination Management Companies (DMC), venues and services for events, tour operators and caterings.



FASTBOOKING’s e-commerce solutions will help your hotel increase profit through a direct sales strategy.
With an extensive array of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions on offer, FASTBOOKING brings the digital traveler to hotels’ doorstep.We offer hoteliers tailor-made strategies and on-going expert advice, boosting their direct sales, improving their operating results and helping them get greater independence.

Our growth and client loyalty are not only the result of the quality of our technologies. They are also strongly influenced by the unrivalled consulting services and customer support we provide our clients throughout our collaboration.

The Account Managers who work with you are Internet natives and experienced in the hospitality industry. They will keep you up to date with ever-evolving, cutting-edge marketing techniques most appropriate for the economic context as well as advise you on how to get the most out of our products and solutions.



We care about your brand.

One thing sets us apart: a natural inclination to fall in love with your products. Our expertise together with the attention we give your needs let us reach the goals and energize your business.

We create powerful web strategies.

With the right tools we can help increase your audience, build lasting relationships and provide valuable experiences, through innovative ideas and focus on results. Our knowledge is based on concrete practical skills in a mix of creativity and digital products: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Developing, Mobile Apps.

What we can do for you:

  • Strategy & Consultancy
  • Digital Marketing & Web Design
  • Analytics

Connectis srl

For more than 20 years, Connectis has been working for information technology, telecommunications and Internet. The areas of action focus on software production and business information systems, design and implementation of multimedia material, computer graphics and graphics applications. Connectis is also specialized in the promotion of tourism companies by creating ad hoc web sites. Development, training and technical support are the key themes of Connectis service.
Connectis, at BTO 2017, presents T.I.P.S., an innovative software dedicated to those who need to target and communicate their business information to their customers. Reporting a product, taking advantage of a service, offering an offer, or simply presenting your "brand", will have "high visibility" in contexts such as company "waiting areas" or business street displays. The software, combining the convenience and effectiveness of a "digital signage" with the interactivity of the touchscreen system, gives the user a simple insight into the proposed thematic areas.



Disruptive technology products and marketing solutions for Hotels and the Leisure Travel Industry, Business Travel Companies and for the Meeting Industry.

We are strong in our uniqueness, a melting pot laboratory blending know-how, innovation, creativity and strategic vision to develop striking projects with great effort in partnership with:

Customer Alliance | Trippus Event Solutions Online

We perform with expert know-how and strategies.

Supporting the distribution and marketing of your brand to generate profiled leads for your business: powerful services for your unique online presence.

A scalable and dynamic organization that combines development, strategies, ideas, technologies and production yet with a customer-centric approach.

Representing Sales & Revenue tools, Online Reputation platforms and Event Management end-to-end solutions to bring disrupting innovation Hospitality and Travel industry.




LAGO roots can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when Policarpo began his handcraft activity as a cabinet-maker in manor houses and churches in Venice. The next generation continued the tradition and expanded production to double bedrooms and subsequently to small furniture sets for entrance halls. However, it is during the 80’s that the younger generation had the idea to focus on the furniture of other areas of the house. In 2006, at its fourth generation, the company located in Villa del Conte was transformed in a joint stock company and set out to confront the global market. A new journey thus began full of challenges and achievements. In charge of this delicate generational transition is Daniele Lago, a young entrepreneur and designer, who, together with his brother Franco and his sister Rosanna, leads a young and dynamic team. Today, LAGO has an annual turnover of 30 million euro and around 180 employees. LAGO has a worldwide presence with about 400 selected stores and single-brand stores in Italian and European cities, including Rome, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and London, with a store at Harrods. The expansion is still in full swing, but the company remains firmly tied to its origins while expanding; it is open to getting to know and exchanging ideas with other cultures, partners, suppliers, consumers, bloggers and all those attending LAGO’s events and sharing LAGO’s path marked by the continuous interplay of influences from inside the company outwards and vice versa. A single-celled organism that becomes multicellular, which feeds itself on many different individual personalities, enhancing them and expanding far beyond its headquarters. Participation and sharing are the keywords. 


Lago believes in an expanded vision of design, seeing it as a discipline that produces not only objects but also meaning. A discipline that can innovate the entire product chain—from the initial concept to disposal—generating culture, an indispensable condition for producing innovation. For LAGO, culture and profit are in continuity, not opposition. This is why LAGO has always worked in the world of design understanding it as a tool for social transformation. New profits can be generated creating scenarios that can improve the quality of our lives. LAGO believes that design bring positive change to the way we experience spaces and generate empathy between interiors and the people who use them. That is why in 2017 we unveiled the first LAGO book, published by Rizzoli, ‘Never Stop Designing Spaces’, a journey through the quality of life in ten Italian cities chosen through Trivago’s ‘Global Reputation Ranking 2016’, with the aim of celebrating and giving depth to the genius of Italy, understood as a culture of knowing how to design and knowing how to create. Network logic, where there is no single, central monolith but rather many small centres that communicate with one another, is the perfect expression of the LAGO business philosophy, where everyone can make their own contribution. Projects like LAGO INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK are demonstration of the company’s commitment  to influencing and being influenced. Creativity, relationships and influences enrich the mind and everyday work and flow spontaneously into the company’s products and strategies. LAGO is not a finished text. Instead, it is an alphabet: design tools, shapes and materials are the ingredients for designing interiors that resonate with your own way of being, living and working.



tooly.tips is the first marketplace specialized in Hospitality Technology: a B2B enviroment where buyers and vendors are connected and matched.

On tooly.tips, hotel management software are collected, listed and classified by type, department and fuction. It provides qualitative and quantitative descriptions and a variety of search filters set in order to optimize customer choice.

It is also a review portal where hoteliers can read real user assessments, write and share their own experience and contact the vendor directly for additional information or Demo request.



Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A is the new management company for Florence and Pisa airports. It was created on June, 1st 2015 through the merger of AdF – Aeroporto di Firenze S.p.A. (the management company of the Florence Amerigo Vespucci airport) and SAT – Società Aeroporto Toscano S.p.A. (the management company of the Galileo Galilei airport of Pisa). The merger between the two companies represents a crucial step towards the creation of a unified Tuscan airport system, in line with what is set forth in the National Airport Programme approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport. The synergy between the two airports, and the dovetailing of the global offer of the system, will make it possible to expand the number of destinations that can be reached and the airlines operating within them, via adaptation of the respective infrastructures. The long-term targets of Toscana Aeroporti are to achieve, by 2029: 130 destinations all over the world, 45 airlines and 160 daily flights. The two airports will maintain their specific air traffic specialisation. The Vespucci airport will continue to develop business and leisure traffic through the full-service carriers, linking the main European airports. The Galilei airport will, on the other hand, continue to deal with the tourist traffic managed by low-cost carriers and cargo flights, also focusing on the development of intercontinental flights. Through the integration of these two companies, Tuscany will be able to rely on one of the most important airport systems in Italy, capable of acting as a driving force for the economic development of one of the best-known and best-loved regions in the world.


EMMA – Feel the buzz around!

EMMA is a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Program and developed by a European team comprising business, marketers, technology experts, events and destination professionals. The international project consortium has deep and complementary expertise that is put together with the aim of delivering the best solution for cross-platform stories and multimedia narratives:

  • IN2 search interface development (UK), is a dynamic company providing software solutions that simplify how business and people collect, organize, discover and present digital content
  • Vandejong Creative Agency (NL), designing brand concepts and building creative strategies for product development and dissemination campaigns. It gives direction to policies, programming, communication and design
  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (GR) is the largest ICT research center in Greece, with an important scientific and technological achievements in many areas
  • Fondazione Sistema Toscana (IT) is a nonprofit participative foundation aimed to promote the Tuscan territorial system through integrated multimedia communication tools
  • Frankfurter Buchmesse (DE) is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair and a strategic innovation hub for the publishing sector.

The project is implementing an innovation platform that redefines interactive storytelling and content marketing to better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences. The tool allows touristic destinations and event organizers in Europe to seize the opportunities offered by the latest technological solutions and makes available comprehensive digital tools to manage their digital image and promote their brand.



Intesa Sanpaolo is the leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate, and wealth management). The Group offers its services to 12.6 million customers through a network of over 4,800 branches well distributed throughout the country with market shares no lower than 12% in most Italian regions.
Intesa Sanpaolo has a selected presence in Central Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern and North African areas. Moreover, Intesa Sanpaolo has an international network of specialists in support of corporate customers spreads across 26 countries. Research and analysis of innovative solutions in order to identify growth opportunities for our Group and customers.
This is the mission of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Innovation Center, which aims to be an enabling driver of relationships with other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, such as businesses, start-ups, incubators, research centres and universities. In addition, it promotes new forms of entrepreneurship in accessing risk capital.



Artex is the Center for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany by the Regional law 53/2008. 
Artex has the objectives to promote, to develop, to valorize, to protect and to innovate artistic and traditional crafts from Tuscany and Italy at a national and international level.
To achieve the objectives, Artex develops innovative projects with a cross-disciplinary approach, inspired by integrated development concepts, in sinergy with other local economic and cultural resources. Projects carried out by Artex meet local, regional, national and international needs. 
Since 2016 Artex is also partner of the City of Florence with the Officina Creativa project with the aim to promote and to valorize Florentine artistic crafts.


Regione Puglia

Pugliapromozione is an operating entity of the Puglia Region and implements the regional policies in terms of promoting the unified image of the Region as well as local tourism. It has autonomy over its organisation, administration, property, accounts, management and methods. It is based on the principles of transparency and cost-effectiveness, as well as efficiency and effectiveness.
To manage and promote the tourist destination of Puglia as an integrated and flexible unit of tangible and intangible values, by working with different integrated and organised entities to develop balanced and sustainable tourism.

If tourism is a bridge between people and cultures, a union of human beings and cultures, an opening that understands differences and innovation, then Puglia wants to be a model of expert, knowledgeable and responsible tourism, because it respects human beings, nature, the environment and the rules and regulations that govern the sector.
The Agency’s vision focuses on leading Italian tourism and believes that the competitive value and image of Puglia as a destination is based on the many facets of its regional identities, on the integration of the actors involved, on the quality of the countryside and environment and on the friendly and healthy local resident communities.


Regione Lazio

Regione Lazio is committed, with the Regional Agency for Tourism, to lead the evolution of its territory to an industry of experience and creativity, capable of transforming the purpose of a trip in land development and wealth for businesses.
Regione Lazio encourages participation in BTO/TEN 2017 of all those Lazio Tour Operators who are interested in the most challenging new trends of digital tourism, in order to provide them with an opportunity to upgrade and sharing innovative actions for the promotion of tourism in the region.
Regione Lazio will have its own institutional exhibition area and one training session, taught by experts, as part of the interactive workshops called “toolboxes”.



Region Abruzzo will take part in X edition of BTO in Florence on 28th and 29th of November 2017.

The presence of our institutional organisation is important as a part of the strategy of “presence on and offline” of the touristic Destination Abruzzo, to make wider the knowledge of Abruzzo, the Europe’s green region, with three national and one regional park (the National Park of Abruzzo is the oldest in Italy)and more than twenty WWF Oasis and natural reserves. In Abruzzo we can admire the highest peak of Appenines (the Corno Grande), that reaches almost 3000 mt high and the most southern glacier in Europe. The region has a 130 km coastline, with wide and sandy coast in the northern part and more irregular in the south; along the coast there are important touristic project as #wifitocoast and the #biketocoast.


Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal collects all Travel Industry data worldwide and transforms them into effective insights for businesses.

Processing millions of pieces of data from diverse sources, Travel Appeal gives you context, business analytics and performance improvement suggestions based on the entire scenario of a destination.

Our Products analyse over 500 online sources and find relevant information about your business. Then, they provides plain English suggestions and clear intelligence on how to achieve excellence.


Agenzia nazionale per l’attrazione degli investimenti e lo sviluppo d’impresa SpA




5stelle* is a native cloud PMS which decisively improves your hotel management by freeing up your time and increasing your potential.

Your reception always at hand: thanks to the cloud technology, 5stelle* enables you to connect to your facility wherever you are, even using your smartphone or tablet. Full control of online sales via OTA and on your website: Overbooking is no longer frightening as the 5stelle* planner is perfectly integrated with OTAs and Booking Engine. Easily manage all the complexity of online sales with one tool.

Guaranteed savings: 5stelle* does not include licence fees and has no limitations on the number of users, only one all-inclusive annual fee in proportion to the number of rooms.

Hardware Free: with 5stelle*, the hotel does not have to invest in hardware, all you require is a laptop connected to the internet. In addition, installation and training is quick and easy, so you are saving more than just money.

This year at the BTO, you can try our Touch Tools – Pocket PMS, POS mobile, Housekeeping mobile – and experience in person all the benefits only native cloud technology can provide, both in terms of collaboration and productivity.


Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Best Western is the leading hotel group in Italy with 160 hotels in over 100 locations throughout the country. Ideal solution for hospitality entrepreneurs as the members play a central role. They are able to fully capture the personality of every hotel, and to give each visibility and results.

Best Western offers five affiliation brands: Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, BW Premier Collection, BW Signature Collection, Vib, Executive Residency e Sure Hotel Collection.

The network counts 4,000 hotels in 100 countries worldwide. Best Western’s keywords are capillarity, quality, innovation, and personalised solutions, all at the service of its Members. The strength of the Best Western brand comes from the marketing partnerships and the global distribution that can guarantee real advantages to the individual hotel, which could not otherwise be able access.

To join our network please visit affiliazione.bestwestern.it/ or contact us at sviluppo@bestwestern.it Best Western is online and on Social Media: bestwestern.it#bestwesternitalia@bestwesternitalia


Booking Expert

NEXTEAM S.r.l. created the in 2006 "Booking Expert" brand with the idea of specializing in hotel software development and hotel chain consulting. With the direct knowledge of hotel owners and thanks to the IT technology and enthusiasm that it has been since ever characterized, designs and develops innovative and efficient solutions for hotel facilities.

After more than 10 years, "Booking Expert" has become the technological reference point for hotel and hotel chains.



Bookingfor DMS (Destination Management System) is an innovative virtual tourism promotion and marketing service for resorts and tourist destinations, consortia for the promotion of tourism, LAGs, tour operators, hotel chains, business networks, web agencies, OLTAs and themed vertical portals.

Easy, intuitive and powerful, BookingFor is the perfect tool to book online tourism related products (rooms, excursions, experiences, activities, restaurants…) per day, per night and per hour. The ideal booking engine to promote the whole tourist offer of a destination and to create tailor-made travel experiences (Cusromer Dynamic Packaging).

BookingFor is SEO-friendly, multi-lingual and compatible with mobile devices. It is entirely customisable, extremely scalable and adaptable to websites of all sizes, and also offers the possibility for developers to access the API interface for integrations based on OTA standards and to access the Open Source code for the development of components, applications and customisations. The service is scalable even in terms of costs thanks to its "pay-per-use" option which allows users to eliminate all start-up costs and pay based on how much they effectively use the system.

Bookingfor stems from the know-how of Ipertrade and Time2marketing, web agencies specialising in the development of on-line technology and marketing projects aimed at promoting and endorsing tourist businesses and destinations.


Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world with more than 6.400 hotels, representing more than 500.000 rooms, in over 40 countries and territories.

With nearly 500 hotels across Europe under the Comfort, Quality, Clarion and Ascend – Hotel Collection brands, Choice Hotels Europe franchises 13 properties in Italy.

Choice Hotels offers the Choice Privileges® rewards program. With more than 34 million members worldwide, is one of the fastest growing hotel loyalty programs in the travel industry.


Dario Flaccovio Editore

For over thirty years Dario Flaccovio Publisher is the Italian leader in the technical publishing sector , with books and software that embraces the more varied professional fields: from the geotechnical , geology, safety, energy from the geographic information systems , environment all’estimo. Prized for the attention to content and implementation , our products are an indispensable tool for both professionals and students. In 2014 launches of new collections in new areas. The main , " Web Book " , is dedicated to the professional world that operates or wants to operate the web , whose authors are among the biggest influencer of the Network.



Evols è un’azienda specializzata nel software per l’ospitalità e la ristorazione. Attiva ormai da diversi anni, a gennaio 2017 Evols viene acquisita da TeamSystem, società italiana leader nello sviluppo e nella distribuzione di software e servizi, portando in quest’ultima la grande esperienza e competenza maturata nel settore della ricettività.

Il nuovo assetto societario consente ad Evols di beneficiare della grande forza commerciale e della spinta tecnologica innovativa di TeamSystem. Evols si presenta oggi con una soluzione gestionale di ultima generazione, già integrata in POLYEDRO, la piattaforma di collaboration di riferimento del Gruppo TeamSystem.

Grazie a un’offerta basata su una gamma completa di software dedicati al mondo dell’ospitalità, dalle prenotazioni online, alla gestione delle camere, ai servizi di ristorazione, Evols copre tutte le esigenze gestionali del settore, offrendo ai clienti la garanzia di dialogare sempre con un unico interlocutore.

Le soluzioni Evols sono caratterizzate da un’elevata modularità e flessibilità che consente al cliente di graduare nel tempo gli investimenti e di pianificare al meglio il percorso di sviluppo del proprio business.




GestioneAlbergo is the only italian software house to be able to provide integrated solutions for hospitality.

GestioneAlbergo develops and sells a complete suite of software solutions and services like PMS Leonardo Hotel, LeoRevoo Channel Manager, LeoBot Channel Manager, LeoFusion Booking Engine and Web Sites.
GestioneAlbergo is the ideal partner for both, management (front office and back office, accounting and revenue analysis) and e-commerce solutions (online revenue, web marketing, web reputation and social networks).

GestioneAlbergo means:

Complete customers satisfaction: this is our main goal

Solid know-how and experience: GestioneAlbergo participates as a speaker in the most renowned fairs and universities.

Certificate from the biggest players within the travel market: we put our long working experience at the service of our customers to increase the hotel revenue

Permanent training: dozens of training hours available to everyone on our online channels



Hoxell is an innovative work system for excellence in hospitality standards. It combines software and people to improve guest satisfaction and grow customer loyalty through staff empowerment.

Perfectly interfaced with your PMS, our platform enables a deep interaction between a hotel’s guests and staff, providing outstanding customer service by constantly engaging with them at multiple touch-points, including: the pre-arrival, the hotel stay and the post departure stage.

Hoxell lets hoteliers monitor the operational workflow of the whole hotel in real time: from reservation, online check- in and room customization to housekeeping and concierge, including staff communication and communication with guests (mail & SMS).

We have two main modules:
1. In-house operations: Housekeeping & Maintenance
2. Guests interactions: Guest relations & MyPage

The benefits are: higher guest satisfaction, improved online brand reputation, better revenue management (more revenues).



A tourism Start-Up founded by Patrizio Donnini in 2016 in Florence. We want to offer an innovative solution that meets the needs of those who manage non-hotel accommodation: an automated system to manage Check-In and Check-Out simply and innovatively!

Non-hotel tourism is reporting steady growth and Homesharing offers great opportunities: however, undertaking an activity like this thinking that you can do it alone can prove to be more demanding than expected.

Hospitality becomes easier with Keesy because you are free from the obligations connected with welcoming guests such as deposit and collection of keys, collection of documents and sending them to the police station, payment of tourist tax and extras consumed: Keesy simplifies all the operations and saves you time!

Keesy does not limit the relationship with your guests; instead, it allows you to organise it in the best possible way. You choose the best moment to meet them free from any traditional Check-in and Check-out limitations. Thanks to the Keesy App you will be updated in real time on Check-In and Check-Out and your guests will have a guide with videos, photos and indications on your accommodation, together with all the advice to experience your city at is best. Thanks to active Chat on the Keesy App, you and your guests can stay in contact.

In Florence, you can already rely on Keesy; it will soon be available in Rome, Milan and Venice.


MM One Group

MM-ONE Group is the Visionary Digital Agency supporting tourist accommodation facilities and hotels for over 16 years with the Advanced Booking System BookingOne®. Our mission is to guide our clients through change in order to enhance and improve individual facilities, hotel groups, and tour operators’ business potential on the Internet. We do this by means of customized digital strategies based on a single management tool.

We have created the ideal platform for your business, a complete and effective tool offering infinite possibilities to the tourism sector. BookingOne® operates in four different areas with fully integrated communication giving you the easiest way to increase your revenue.

· Reach your guests and interact with them with your Responsive Website and your new Guest Area.

· Manage and rent online your facilities with the Central Reservation System, the Revenue Management and the newly born integrated PMS.

· Make sure that your guests can find you on every network with Channel Manager and the Direct Booking ADV activities on Google Hotel ADS, Trivago, TripAdvisor and MyItaly.

· Increase your revenue and your brand reputation with the Business Intelligence Unit in support of Customer Loyalty Management and the Hotel Sales Manager’s strategies.

· Give visibility to your website by means of Digital Marketing activities, i.e. S.E.O., Email Marketing, Advertising Online, and Social Media Management.

BookingOne® is devised to meet everyone’s needs, both the hotel-owners’ and the tourists’. Get ready to analyze your guests’ behavior to anticipate their needs and foresee market demands and new trends. You will have the chance to offer your customers innovative products and services specifically designed for online booking services’ users. What do you get out of this? The answer is simple: added value to your facility, differentiation and advantage from your competitors and happy guests.

Now and tomorrow for sure new tourists will be social, local and mobile. Therefore, it is more important than ever giving them what they expect. A few examples: mobile guidebooks APPs, interactive totems located in strategic areas of the territory, instant messaging services and much more!

BookingOne® is a system working with the experience of over 50 multilingual professionals working across different areas of digital business. We operate in 21 countries and help tourist facilities to reach up to 85% of direct bookings, without commission or fees to pay to intermediaries.

We will be glad to work on your next goals. Get ready to make them come true by assessing with us the most effective digital strategy for you!


Nozio srl

Hotel Direct-Booking Strategies with zero commission costs.

More than 2.000 successful projects in the last 20 years define Nozio as an Authority in the Italian Hotel Marketing scenario.

We achieve success through a time-tested but still evolving program called – ATTRACT» CONVERT» SHARE – and the most advanced tools to grant effective Distribution, Visibility and Conversion.

Are you trying to achieve the optimal occupancy rate?
Do you want to increase the revenue from Direct Bookings?
Do you need an effective way to promote your Hotel and reduce commission costs?

Our team of certified professionals is at your disposal to analyze your needs and provide advice.


Oscar WiFi

Oscar is an innovative software platform that evolved over the years thanks to a valuable contribution of many hoteliers. Oscar conceives WiFi as a "means of communication" through which an hotel is able to talk with its guests and vice versa.

The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, satisfaction monitoring, surveys, follow-up with request for review and also an "emotions diffuser".

Designed to be customer focused, the platform "speaks" 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows "Social Login" to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.

Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in more than 900 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.
Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


Serenissima Informatica SpA

Specialists of software and business processes of the hospitality industry, we allow our customers to dedicate their time only to the care of their guests.

Our customers are always in the focus of our attention: since we meet them to understand how they want to improve their processes and management systems, when we personalize software for them, during staff training, to 24-hour support, provided by people coming from hotels.

Hotel chains, hotels, villages and SPAs benefit from the innovations offered by our international software solutions, in the office or in mobility with tablet and smartphone, on-premise or in hosting: protel PMS centralized and integrated with OLTA and GDS, CRM to stimulate demand and Increase bookings, catering software, SPAs and thermal centers, AFC and management contorl with USALI, business intelligence for data analysis.With offices in Padua, Barcelona (E) and Innsbruck (A), expertise in software, hardware and system platform, hosting services and cloud computing, we are the partner to be responsible for the entire information system.



As the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. We serve hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.
SiteMinder’s products include The Channel Manager, the industry’s leading online distribution platform; TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for direct bookings via the web, mobile or social; Canvas, the intelligent website creator for independent hoteliers; Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms; and GDS by SiteMinder, a single-point of entry to a six-figure network of travel agents and the world’s major GDSs. With more than 26,000 hotel customers and 400 of the industry’s top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have presence in more than 160 countries on six continents.




Innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hoteliers across the globe

Our data-driven solutions enable over 38,000 hotels around the globe to know, acquire, convert and retain guests.

Knowledge is at the center of everything we do. We provide you with actionable insights to know the marketplace and your guests which will improve your ability to compete and drive better business decisions.

Our suite of solutions are uniquely interconnected and mutually supportive, working together to improve your performance.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Reservations & Booking Engine
  • Media Web & Video
  • Guest Management