BTO2017 | TEN

BTO2017 | TEN

Ten, according to Pythagoras, was the perfect number. It constituted the Tetraktys which, in turn, is the sum of the first four numbers and represented the four main cosmogonic principles – four just like the thematic halls here, at the tenth edition of BTO.

Ten is also the number of the Bible’s commandments, the highest marks possible in elementary school, the number on the jersey of the all-stars of football (Maradona, Platini, Antognoni, Baggio, Totti, etc.), the number of fingers on our hands, the number which kicks off a countdown.

In Da Zero a Dieci (From Zero to Ten), a film released a few years ago, Luciano Ligabue mused on our desire to catalogue, put things all in a row, to evaluate…

The ten best films that I’ve seen, the ten records I’d take with me to a deserted island, the ten best trips of my life…

In ten years, we’ve seen so much here at BTO. We began almost as a joke, with the idea of presenting the digital world and its implications on tourism. In ten years, we’ve seen small companies become large multinationals and wide-reaching trends disappear in the following years.

When we began, social media was in its infancy, Airbnb didn’t exist, and reputations were still experienced and managed by trade professionals as a phenomenon to contend with and not to ride on.

Ten years in which many living legends have passed through our halls and even a few mediocre players, but the most incredible success in this decade has been the founding of a community which, through a climate of sharing ideas, has often come out more aware and knowledgeable than ever.

We’re creating an edition which begins from the tale of how we’ve gotten to this point and how we’ll keep going to get to somewhere else. You see, we never run out of topics. Each year, there are new trends and changes in the market and unquestionably, at this very moment, a start-up out there already has the key to open the gates for the future of travel. It’s there without a doubt; we just have to look closely. Luckily, in this regard, BTO is a large magnifying glass.

See you at Fortezza da Basso (Florence – Italy): November 29th and 30th, 2017.