Stefano Bettanin

CEO & Founder Rentopolis

My name is Stefano Bettanin, I am the CEO and Funder of Rentopolis.

After being quilified as a lawyer in Italy and in UK, and practising for almost ten years as business lawyer, also in US, I decided to change my life and becaume an entreprenoul.

I founded Rentopolis together with some friends (a fiscal consultant and a friend working in a Real Estate Fund). Today we managed almost 150 apartments all around Italy, Spain, Greece, and quite soon in the Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha).

We are collaborating with IT companies all around the world and we are growing extremely fast by proposing innovative solutions in a market which is almost new and very interesting (also in the light of the development of AirBnb, the acquisition by Expedia of HomeAway, etc).