The “Toolbox” will be returning to BTO – Buy Tourism Online with around 24 lectures on “what to do when”.

cubodirubikFirst launched at the 2012 edition with 10 sessions, this year’s “Toolbox” will be divided into BASIC and ADVANCED, and will fit firmly within the whole schedule of the scientific programme, with slots of about 50 minutes where you can discover, learn and further your knowledge.

On the à la carte menu offered to visitors of BTO – Buy Tourism Online, we propose SEVEN different dishes for each timeslot:

  • Main Hall VISIONS with TED-style keynote presentations
  • Debates, keynote and research presentations in the Scientific Hall
  • Two “Toolbox” sessions, BASIC and ADVANCED
  • Three Hall Product Presentations, organised by Exhibitors’ Club businesses

So, BASIC and ADVANCED “Toolbox”…

An example? Twitter.

We’ll be running [not in the same timeslot, of course] “Twitter for Travel”, where you’ll learn the fundamentals [BASIC], along with one or more sessions on content curation [ADVANCED]. The same format will be used for other topics like:

  • Facebook
  • Web Marketing
  • Images
  • Reputation
  • … … …

In the week starting October 14, we’ll be unveiling the entire “Toolbox” programme, along with the full schedule for the VI edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online, the speakers and topics, so you can start making decisions and creating your MY BTO timetable, with some help from the formidable APP.