Early Booking [with gadget]

From next Tuesday August 27, registrations for the 6th edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online will open with the first early booking to be “boosted” by a hi-tech gadget.

The admission price will be presented along the same conditions as the past two editions and will maintain a focus on young people under >>> 26 years, with the aim of not hindering public participation in what is the leading event on Travel Online.

The admission ticket [nominal and available online] provides access to all of BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013: the great figures of the Main Hall Pivot, the debates and keynotes in the Scientific Hall, the basic and advanced training sessions in the two “Toolbox” rooms, the product presentations by Exhibitors’ Club businesses.

From thursday august 27 to monday september 16

Early booking ticket with hi-tech gadget
€ 150,00 + vat

Early booking ticket for young people under >>> 26 years with hi-tech gadget
€ 90,00 + vat


Techbag Nero
Techbag BLACK
13” laptop bag customised with the #BTO2013 theme, “.IT is ME”.
Headphones customised with “.IT is ME”. Adjustable, with ear pads that provide sound insulation.
Trolley Check-In RED
50x35x15 polyester trolley case customised with the #BTO2013 theme, “.IT is ME”.


From August 27 to September 16, you can get one over BTO – Buy Tourism Online by buying your ticket at the best price. In addition to this, both ticket types come with your choice of one of three types of high-tech gadgets. A gift for all those, who like you, decided to block out December 3 and 4 in their calendar well in advance.

Your ticket comes with a customised BTO 2013 gadget, which you can pick up at the Fortezza da Basso anytime during BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013.

From tuesday september 17 to monday october 14

Early booking ticket
€ 150,00 + vat

Early booking ticket for young people under >>> 26 years
€ 90,00 + vat

From September 17 to October 14, you can still get the best price, but without the hi-tech gadget 🙁

From tuesday october 15 until tuesday december 2

€ 220,00 + IVA

Ticket for Young People under >>> 26 years
€ 90,00 + IVA


Want or need to buy tickets offline?
[small groups, special requests, government, vat free…]

Robert Piattelli
Co-founder BTO Educational
Engagement BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013
342 6401319
send an email to Robert


Extra: come to florence with italo treno


Choose Italo Treno to and from BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013.

Once you have finalised the online purchase of your BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013 ticket, you will receive an email with a link to download your event PASS.

Inside the PDF, you’ll find a voucher for € 10,00 off your Italo Treno ticket, courtesy of a special deal with Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A

The voucher, to be used between December 2-5 for trips to and from Florence, is valid for Smart, Prima and Club ambiences and applicable on Italo Treno’s Economy and Base offers for the purchase of travel tickets on www.italotreno.it.

To use your voucher, remember to choose the payment method “Scopri Italo/Voucher Promo” when you finalise your purchase.

This agreement is valid from August 27 to December 2.

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