“.IT IS ME, I AM THE STAR”: Join in, put your face to it!

The person at the centre of everything is the thread that connects the 2013 edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online.

The motto “.IT is YOU” will accompany every part of the two day programme, held in Florence’s magnificent Fortezza da Basso.

The scientific programme will particularly revolve around the – one of a kind – ability Italians have when it comes to tourism.

Because it is every single tour operator, every single hotelier/restaurateur who makes a difference, adds value and does their bit to maintain the competitiveness of Destination Italy.

It’s time to shake off all the negativity of past years. Tourism can be our greatest asset, it can become one of the keys to this country’s redemption. And so, the BTO2013 campaign was born: “.IT IS ME, I AM THE STAR”.

Want to participate? Just put your face to it!

To join, go to twibbon.com, and add the logo “.IT is ME” to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.