.IT is YOU

The person at the centre of everything, the theme of BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013.

IT-IS-YOU.IT is YOU will accompany everything that happens during the two days in Florence, next 3 and 4 December, with a scientific programme that revolves around the – ONE OF A KIND – ability that we Italians have when it comes to tourism.

Operators from the long chain that is the tourism industry, those who work to sustain the territories, those who work in marketing, those who study and undertake research:

IT’S YOU that’s working passionately everyday to produce your very best work, adding value and doing your bit to maintain the competiveness of Destination Italy.

.IT is YOU

.IT is YOU that we want to be our message of hope among a sea of concerns: the BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013 scientific programme has been designed to provide you with additional tools to help improve your job performance, with the full knowledge that each of us is the real protagonist of Destination Italy.

All of BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013 revolves around you: we promise.

.IT is YOU


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