Themes & Format

Two incredibly intensive days on the themes of Travel & Innovation, Distribution of the Tourist Product, Social Media, Mobile, Stories and Attractors of Tourist Destinations, Culture and Economic Value.

7 themes – like the 7 notes of a scale – for the most musical edition ever:

    We’are mobile obsessed and here’s why it matters
    The smart’s hotelier action plan for digital distribution
    Be aware of the market disctructors
    Are we making travel better?
    Think outside the box
    Are they stronger than ever?
    Mind the Gap

BTO 2015 proposes 144 events located within the 8 + 1 Halls in 3 pavilions of Fortezza da Basso:

  • 16 timetabled slots of 50 minutes each, 8 in Side ONE [Wednesday 2nd December] and 8 in Side TWO [Thursday 3rd December]
    • Each time slot offers 9 different events running simultaneously
    • 16 events just in the VISIONI Hall, with a packed international programme
    • 60 science slots: keynote speeches, research, interviews, debates and short stories
    • 14 BASIC Toolboxes [how to…]
    • 8 ADVANCED Toolboxes [how to do it better…]
    • 40 Product Presentations from Companies in the Exhibitors’ Club – at BTO 2015, a selection of the most interesting businesses in Information Technology and specialised services in the world of travel.

For each time slot, visitors to BTO 2015 can organise their own itinerary through an à la carte menu, ordering whatever best suits their interests: at first sight true chaos, but this is an organised chaos where everyone can move around freely, with the aid of a coloured route-finder, a My Agenda app and information posts scattered around the venue displaying the scientific programme.

In the VISIONI Hall [400 seats] is BTO 2015’s most international section: keynote speeches, research, debates and interviews – with simultaneous translation English to Italian and vice versa – featuring contributions from international experts and representatives from leading firms in the Travel Industry. Every slot is designed, introduced, moderated and concluded by one or more of the three curators of the scientific programme:

Philip Wolf, Founder of PhoCusWright®
Giancarlo Carniani, Scientific Director and Head of Artistic Concept for BTO 2015
Roberta Milano, Co-founder of BTO Educational and Scientific Committee of BTO 2015

BTO 2015 is dedicated to:

  • Operators in the entire tourism chain, especially hospitality
  • Students and researchers
  • Those who work in tourism or aim to do so
  • Those responsible for the governance of tourism
  • Collective stakeholders in the industry