Ait Voncke

Vice President Market Management, EMEA, the Expedia group

Ait is responsible for managing the Expedia group’s hotel portfolio across EMEA. He leads a knowledgeable team focused on maximising the exposure and demand Expedia’s hotel partners receive from its 200+ global travel booking sites.

With more than 15 years in the consulting industry across Europe and Asia, Ait has helped technology companies grow, enter new markets, and restructure.

Prior to Expedia, Ait held several senior roles at Groupon, where he developed and managed the travel vertical for EMEA.

He also spent 13 years at Accenture, most recently as Partner, where he managed growth projects for multiple internet and telecommunication companies.

Ait has an engineering degree from the University of Ghent in Belgium, a science degree from the University of Manchester in the UK; and an MBA from Duke University, the Fuqua School of Business.