Max Uggeri

Digital Creative Director NASDHACK

I’m born in 1966 in Milan and I’ve studied both in Italy and the USA.

My education has been guided by visceral passions: information and hacking led me first to study Electronic Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, and later to move along the US East Coast, as a guest of MIT Media Lab, only to continue my career with Michael Porter at the Monitor Company, working on IT and Network Security.

I’ve started my business activity in San Diego, after which I’m returned to Italy in the 1990’s where I’ve ran several international projects. In 2007, with the arrival of the first iPhone I’ve understood the birth of a new paradigm, which would shortly lead me to become one of the greatest experts in iOS and Mobile Applications. I’ve funded Tiltap, the first european App Factory in 2009, with the partership (and also the money) of Superpartes and H-Farm, two of the biggest Italian Startup Incubators. After finishing this experience I’ve returned back to roots: coding (and designing) App for mobile and responsive web sites as freelance.