A tribe snapping photographs. #Instagram as alphabet of the images

Instagram has transformed everyone into image producers and opened the doors to the photographic language: photography became the privileged instrument to narrate about the world and contemporaneity.

Until a few years ago, it was necessary to be skilled and have the right instruments to make photographs, but nowadays with the diffusion of the smartphones and socials everyone can manage images and use them to communicate.

Images are used to talk, transmit emotions, narrate events, and share moments. With this process everything personal became public. A transition that includes also brands, companies, and institutions that had to reinvent their language and communication.

In this infinite flow of photos produced daily, users, companies, and institutions talk with the same instruments transforming the paradigm of communication from vertical into horizontal.

A continuous exchange, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, something that has demolished that invisible wall between contents producers and users, and that potentially shortened the distance separating the institutions from the public.

The availability of a neutral ground and a common language is maybe one of the greatest opportunities offered to the institutions in this historical moment.

Citizens, companies, personalities, institutions: a sole huge tribe that makes of a virtual meeting place a place of discussion, exchange, and knowledge.

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