Double Digit

Part #1
Iceland is not just the homeland of volcanoes and geysers. Not surprisingly the country also happens to be good at football. In addition, there has been a big technological breakthrough with a platform like Bokun as one of the cornerstones. Let’s learn more.

Part #2
One of the most successful startups in Europe is also one of the most interesting cases to follow. Going from A to B with just one ticketing has always been one of the main goals of travel, regardless of the means used. They have succeeded.


Parte #1
Hjalti Baldursson Bokun

Stefano Zeni GTA
Nicola Delvecchio Teamwork

Parte #2
Filippo Bonsanti GoEuro

Nicola Delvecchio Teamwork

Tutti gli eventi del November 30th [Day Two]