FVG Social Ambassador: “PASSION” blogger!

The first BLOG written by the people who live the land in first person: from Friuli Venezia Giulia here it is www.fvglivexperience.it!

True stories that come straight to the heart (<3) because made by real people.

Trying to describe such a rich, varied land as Friuli Venezia Giulia – where a still-wild landscape offers mountains, hills, lagoon and sea within a 100-km radius – is as stimulating as it is complex.

Jumping from the Adriatic to the snow, fine food to cycling tours and from culture to a multitude of outdoor activities, while keeping to a consistent editorial line – well, it’s a proper challenge.

All the more so when dealing with the fascinating complexity and richness of an ancient border region, where today Italy, Austria and Slovenia meet.

We don’t want to offer you the umpteenth “tourist guide” to browse online. No. Our objective is to create something together, something useful and important by pooling the expertise of all the people who know and love our wonderful region.

All these pieces will be orderly arranged to offer a different point of view from the one we’re used to. A point of view that is closer to people.

This is why we want to give a voice to all voices.

Because a dedicated walker can convey their experiences and passion far better than any guide.

Because someone who has lived for years in a town can talk about it as if they were describing themselves.

Because those who grew up with the traditional local flavours can make you want to try dishes you’d never even heard of.

These are the reasons behind our blog, to illustrate our region through the contributions of an ever-growing community of ambassadors.

So that those who talk about it are the true experts on Friuli Venezia Giulia: the people with a lifetime love of our region.

Bruno Bertero Marketing Director PromoTurismoFVG

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