As for all the cultural and creative industries, even the cluster of videogames production industries presents in Italy a double dimension: together with the major international ones there are also new micro companies that realise the so-called “indie” videogames sometimes characterised by great qualitative potentials.

What are the economic dimensions of this cluster in Italy?

Which are the main exponents?

Is there a videogame chain in Italy, or better is it possible to start a policy that stimulates the creation of clusters of companies active in this territorially defined sector?

What kind of strategic needs does an MPMI active in the production of videogames have?

The intervention aims at defining the basic needs of a production sector still underdeveloped in our country, but whose diffusion could have important outcomes both at economic level and at macroeconomic variables (for example, cultural and creative products export) as well as microeconomic ones (generation of territorial wealth).


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