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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Artificial intelligence era is starting. We do not know exactly when the “singular event” will occur (that is, when artificial intelligence will overcome the human one), but we must start thinking about ethical problems, while there is still time. ——– BTO2017 | TEN – Mariarosaria Taddeo – Oxford Internet Institute BTO2017 | TEN – Giovanni.. Read more »

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Museum Gaming. A new future for museums.

Father&Son, the videogame that has seen the active participation of the MANN, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (National Archaeological Museum of Naples), represents the first attempt of integration between videogames culture and a Museum Institution trying to create a product that combines two extremely different “cultural heritage” dimensions. What are the advantages of this combination?.. Read more »

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Be aware of keyboards lions

They are called ‘keyboard warriors’. The language problem is currently one greatest problems of the universe of the socials. The ‘Parole O_stili’ project has prepared a behaviour manifesto for the online language. Let’s try to talk in a correct way. ——– BTO2017 | TEN – Parole O_Stili – Rosy RussoRead more »

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As for all the cultural and creative industries, even the cluster of videogames production industries presents in Italy a double dimension: together with the major international ones there are also new micro companies that realise the so-called “indie” videogames sometimes characterised by great qualitative potentials. What are the economic dimensions of this cluster in Italy?.. Read more »

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See Europe as a whole destination

Promoting a sole identity on the global market, valorising the beauties and characteristics of 32 countries so different one from another, but kept together by the Visit Europe brand. An important challenge presented by Peter de Wilde, President of the European Travel Commission, who shows us the objectives achieved and the future projects, focusing on.. Read more »

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