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Father&Son, the videogame that has seen the active participation of the MANN, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (National Archaeological Museum of Naples), represents the first attempt of integration between videogames culture and a Museum Institution trying to create a product that combines two extremely different “cultural heritage” dimensions.

What are the advantages of this combination?

Videogames represent one of the most powerful media at interaction and engagement level, and they represent, for Cultural Institutions, a great opportunity to fulfil some statutory objectives: cultural diffusion and the relation with its visitors.

However, the creation of a videogame can be interpreted even in a more revolutionary way and start a new use and approach modality towards the museum institutions, especially for the youngest generations (from children to teenagers) thus creating a museum community (from 18 to 35 years of age).

However, the realisation of a videogame represents an operation that not all museums are able to handle from the economic sustainability point of view: it is necessary to identify some intervention modalities that make this opportunity concrete.

Through the observation carried out by experts of one of the largest Italian videogames company, the intervention will be aimed at identifying the sustainability criteria through which it will be possible to produce a videogame whose cost will not heavily burden the economic resources of the institution.


Stefano Monti Monti & Taft

Keynote Speaker
Fabio Viola TuoMuseo
Federico Fasce Game designer and creative technologist Guardian

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