Vivere di Turismo: The Path to Success – 7 Stages of a Thriving VR Business and a Road Map to Get

In Italian

What makes the difference between a successful business and one destined to lose? Why certain businesses thrive while others decline and disappear?

Danilo shares the mechanisms that make a business succeed and identifies 7 stages each entrepreneur goes through so you see where you stand and you know what to do next.

You’ll learn:
– Why certain entrepreneurs succeed
– What makes them different and how you can get there too
– 2 tools to manage a company correctly and keep everything under control
– The 4 types of managers and where do you belong The importance of goal setting, vision and identity KPIs and Procedures
– Maintaining the performance you want from your co-workers.

Presentation cured by: Vivere di Turismo by Locobel

Keynote Speaker
Danilo Beltrante Master Trainer di Vivere di Turismo

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