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Different technologies in vacations rentals

How to automatize 99% of the working process in the Vacation Rental area thanks to technology and how to optimize the revenue strategy of the apartments. Property Management and the non hotel offer with the short term rentals formula has brought a revolution in the way people travel all over the world. Competition is high.. Read more »


The Hospitality industry goes local

Global international hotel chains versus local independent hotels, what do they have in common? Costs and benefits of a chain affiliation versus staying independent. What are the best practices of the brands to keep the local identity sustainable raising awareness through international brands? Internet distribution and marketing have dramatically leveled the playing field over the.. Read more »


Five Italian Cities Struggling with Over-tourism?

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism MiBACT opened a roundtable with the town councilors for tourism in five cities: Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples.

On 27 July, Minister Dario Franceschini signed a protocol of cooperation between the Ministry and the five cities, a first step towards sharing choices regarding the protection of sites beleaguered by tourism.


BTO2017 | TEN Cinque città alle prese con l'overtourism?

Introduzione di contesto
Francesco Palumbo, Ministero dei beni e le attività culturali e il turismo MiBACT

Anna Paola Concia, Assessora con delega al Turismo del Comune di Firenze
Isabella Menichini, Direttrice Area Turismo del Comune di Milano
Gaetano Daniele, Assessore con delega al Turismo del Comune di Napoli
Adriano Meloni, Assessore con delega al Turismo del Comune di Roma
Paola Mar, Assessore con delega al Turismo del Comune di Venezia

Robert Piattelli BTO2017 | TEN

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